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Floquet conformal field theory

  title={Floquet conformal field theory},
  author={Xueda Wen and Jie-qiang Wu},
  journal={arXiv: Strongly Correlated Electrons},
Given a $generic$ two-dimensional conformal field theory (CFT), we propose an analytically solvable setup to study the Floquet dynamics of the CFT, i.e., the dynamics of a CFT subject to a periodic driving. A complete phase diagram in the parameter space can be analytically obtained within our setup. We find two phases: the heating phase and the non-heating phase. In the heating phase, the entanglement entropy keeps growing linearly in time, indicating that the system keeps absorbing energy; in… Expand
Quantum dynamics in sine-square deformed conformal field theory: Quench from uniform to nonuniform conformal field theory
In this work, motivated by the sine-square deformation (SSD) for (1+1)-dimensional quantum critical systems, we study the non-equilibrium quantum dynamics of a conformal field theory (CFT) with SSD,Expand
Out-of-equilibrium phase transitions induced by Floquet resonances in a periodically quench-driven XY spin chain
We consider the dynamics of an XY spin chain subjected to an external transverse field which is periodically quenched between two values. By deriving an exact expression of the Floquet HamiltonianExpand
Flow Equation Approach to Periodically Driven Quantum Systems
We present a theoretical method to generate a highly accurate {\em time-independent} Hamiltonian governing the finite-time behavior of a time-periodic system. The method exploits infinitesimalExpand
Analog of Hamilton-Jacobi theory for the time-evolution operator
In this paper we develop an analogue of Hamilton-Jacobi theory for the time-evolution operator of a quantum many-particle system. The theory offers a useful approach to develop approximations to theExpand
Time development of conformal field theories associated with L 1 and L −1 operators
In this study, we examined consequences of unconventional time development of two-dimensional conformal field theory induced by the $L_{1}$ and $L_{-1}$ operators, employing the formalism previouslyExpand
Phases of scrambling in eigenstates
We use the monodromy method to compute expectation values of an arbitrary number of light operators in finitely excited ("heavy") eigenstates of holographic 2D CFT. For eigenstates with scalingExpand
Universality in Non-Equilibrium Quantum Systems
Author(s): Berdanier, William | Advisor(s): Moore, Joel E | Abstract: The phenomenon of universality is one of the most striking in many-body physics. Despite having sometimes wildly differentExpand
Holographic duals of inhomogeneous systems: the rainbow chain and the sine-square deformation model
A holographic dual description of inhomogeneous systems is discussed. Notably, finite temperature results for the entanglement entropy in both the rainbow chain and the SSD model are obtainedExpand
Probing infinite many-body quantum systems with finite-size quantum simulators
Viacheslav Kuzmin,1, 2, ∗ Torsten V. Zache,1, 2 Lorenzo Pastori,1, 2 Alessio Celi,1, 2, 3 Mikhail Baranov,1, 2 and Peter Zoller1, 2 Center for Quantum Physics, University of Innsbruck, InnsbruckExpand
Decoding conformal field theories: from supervised to unsupervised learning
En-Jui Kuo,1, 2 Alireza Seif,1, 2, 3 Rex Lundgren,2, 4 Seth Whitsitt,2, 4 and Mohammad Hafezi1, 2, 5 Department of Physics, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742, USA Joint QuantumExpand