Floor-Supply Displacement Ventilation in a Small Office


This paper studied the performance of a floor-supply displacement ventilation system using computational-fluid-dynamics (CFD). The experiment was carried out in a full-scale environmental chamber with a floor-supply system to obtain reliable flow information for the validation of a CFD program. The validated program was used further to evaluate the performance of the floor-supply displacement ventilation system with different air change rates, diffuser numbers, furniture arrangement, and cooling loads. The evaluation criteria are thermal comfort level and indoor air quality. Nomenclature Aobject surface area of a heated object C contaminant concentration in the room air Ce contaminant concentration in the exhaust air Cs contaminant concentration in the supply air G turbulent production GB turbulent production due to buoyancy gi gravity in i-direction k turbulent kinetic energy L the thermal load on the body * Prof. Qingyan (Yan) Chen

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