Floor-Planning by Graph Dualization: 2-Concave Rectilinear Modules


Given a planar triangulated graph (PTG) G, the problem of constructing a floor-plan F such that G is the dual of F and the boundary of F is rectangular is studied. It is shown that if only zero-concave rectilinear modules (CRM) (or rectangular modules) and 1-CRM (i.e., L-shaped) are allowed, there arc PTGs that do not admit any floor-plan. However, if 2… (More)
DOI: 10.1137/0222035


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@article{Yeap1993FloorPlanningBG, title={Floor-Planning by Graph Dualization: 2-Concave Rectilinear Modules}, author={Kok-Hoo Yeap and Majid Sarrafzadeh}, journal={SIAM J. Comput.}, year={1993}, volume={22}, pages={500-526} }