Flood flows, leaf breakdown, and plant-available nitrogen on a dryland river floodplain

  title={Flood flows, leaf breakdown, and plant-available nitrogen on a dryland river floodplain},
  author={Douglas C. Andersen and Sibyl M. Nelson and Dan Binkley},
We tested the hypothesis that decomposition in flood-inundated patches of riparian tree leaf litter results in higher plant-available nitrogen in underlying, nutrient-poor alluvium. We used leafpacks (n=56) containing cottonwood (Populus deltoides ssp. wislizenii) leaf litter to mimic natural accumulations of leaves in an experiment conducted on the Yampa River floodplain in semi-arid northwestern Colorado, USA. One-half of the leafpacks were set on the sandy alluvial surface, and one-half were… CONTINUE READING


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