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Flocking in the Cucker-Smale model with self-delay and nonsymmetric interaction weights

  title={Flocking in the Cucker-Smale model with self-delay and nonsymmetric interaction weights},
  author={Jan Haskovec},
We derive a sufficient condition for asymptotic flocking in the Cucker-Smale model with self-delay (also called reaction delay) and with non-symmetric interaction weights. The condition prescribes smallness of the delay length relative to the decay rate of the inter-agent communication weight. The proof is carried out by a bootstrapping argument combining a decay estimate for the group velocity diameter with a variant of the Gronwall-Halanay inequality. 


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A simple proof of asymptotic consensus in the discrete Hegselmann-Krause model and flocking in the continuum model with renormalization and variable delay is presented, based on convexity of the renormalized communication weights and a Gronwall-Halanay-type inequality.
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