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Floating Drug Delivery System: An Overview

  title={Floating Drug Delivery System: An Overview},
  author={A. Khan and M. Bajpai and R. Goel},
Gastric emptying is a complex process and makes in vivo performance of the drug delivery systems uncertain. In order to avoid this variability, efforts have been made to increase the retention time of the drug-delivery systems for more than 12 hours. The floating or hydrodynamically controlled drug delivery systems are useful in such application. From the formulation and technological point of view, the floating drug delivery system is comparatively easy and logical approach. The present review… Expand

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Floating drug delivery systems: an approach to oral controlled drug delivery via gastric retention.
  • B. Singh, K. H. Kim
  • Medicine
  • Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society
  • 2000
In this review, the current technological developments of FDDS including patented delivery systems and marketed products, and their advantages and future potential for oral controlled drug delivery are discussed. Expand
Gastric Floating Microcapsules of Metformin Hcl
This book represents a unique attempt to overview the full range of approaches to the design of a dosage form for gastric retention of drug with absorption limitation problems and suggests floating microcapsules would be a suitable delivery system for metformin. Expand
Multiparticulate formulation approach to pulsatile drug delivery: current perspectives.
The present review is to survey the main multiparticulate pulsatile delivery systems, for which the swelling and rupturing; dissolution or erosion; and changed permeability of the coating membrane are primarily involved in the control of release. Expand
A Floating Controlled-Release Drug Delivery System: In Vitro-in Vivo Evaluation
In vivo scintigraphic studies for a floating and a heavy nonfloating tablet, under fasting and nonfasting conditions, showed that the presence of food significantly increased the gastric retention time for both tablets, and tablet density did not appear to make a difference in the gastrics retention time. Expand
A Means to Address Regional Variability in Intestinal Drug Absorption
The concept of the absorption window is reviewed and the performance evaluation of GRDDS is described, including in vitro-in vivo correlation studies and potential use. Expand
Development and evaluation of a monolithic floating dosage form for furosemide.
The floating dosage form was found to be a feasible approach in delivering furosemide to the upper gastrointestinal tract to maximize drug absorption and to develop and optimize in vitro a monolithic modified-release dosage form (MMR). Expand
Statistical optimization of gastric floating system for oral controlled delivery of calcium
The development of an optimized gastric floating drug delivery system with central, composite Box-Wilson design for the controlled release of calcium and the quadratic mathematical model developed could be used to further predict formulations with desirable release and floating properties. Expand
Intragastric floating drug delivery system of cefuroxime axetil: In vitro evaluation
It was found that polymer blend and SLS significantly affect the time required for 50% of drug release, percentage drug release at 12 hours, release rate constant, and diffusion exponent. Expand
A floating pulsatile drug delivery system based on hollow calcium pectinate beads
The objective of the present work is to envisage and develop hollow calcium pectinate beads for floating pulsatile release of aceclofenac intended for chronopharmacotherapy. Floating pulsatileExpand
A floating-type oral dosage form for piroxicam based on hollow polycarbonate microspheres: in vitro and in vivo evaluation in rabbits.
FDF of piroxicam in PC microspheres was capable of sustained delivery of the drug for longer periods with increased bioavailability and multiple peaking in the plasma concentration-time curve suggesting enterohepatic recirculation of thedrug. Expand