Flipper, a mobile Fot1-like transposable element in Botrytis cinerea

  title={Flipper, a mobile Fot1-like transposable element in Botrytis cinerea},
  author={Caroline Levis and Dominique Fortini and Yves Brygoo},
  journal={Molecular and General Genetics MGG},
A transposable element, Flipper, was isolated from the phytopathogenic fungus Botrytis cinerea. The element was identified as an insertion sequence within the coding region of the nitrate reductase gene. The Flipper sequence is 1842 bp long with perfect inverted terminal repeats (ITRs) of 48 bp and an open reading frame (ORF) of 533 amino acids, potentially encoding for a transposase; the element is flanked by the dinucleotide TA. The encoded protein is very similar to the putative transposases… CONTINUE READING


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