Flight Operations Risk Assessment System (FORAS)


The goal of the Flight Operations Risk Assessment System (FORAS) project is to design a methodology and model framework for the identification and representation of risk factors and structures, and the quantitative assessment of particular risks associated with flight operations. The resulting risk model, implemented in software, is intended to serve as a decision support tool for use by operational safety managers to measure and reduce exposure to accident and incident risk-associated areas. The initial emphasis of FORAS is on modeling Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) risk, as a proof of concept. However, the framework is general, and easily adapted to other risk categories (e.g., injury due to turbulence, loss of control). It is a general approach that addresses the contribution of human factors and captures the dependency that exists between risk factors. In fact, the generality of the modeling process may support a broader set of applications. The FORAS project was initiated by the Icarus Committee of the Flight Safety Foundation, and is sponsored principally by the NASA Aviation Safety Program.

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