Flexure Strength of Zirconia Veneering Ceramics


All-ceramic zirconia restorations veneered with porcelain materials, show high strength, excellent bio compatibility and good estetic. Some mechanical damages happen during the functional masticatory load, and chipping is most common. There are several reasons for this complication, and they are lower bond strength, mismatch of the KTE (coefficient for thermal expansion) of both materials, premature contacts, and lower flexure strength of the veneering porcelain. The aim of the study is to evaluate and analyze the flexure strength of three veneering ceramics for all-ceramic restoration. Veneering porcelain for metal-ceramic restorations is used as control group. Results for flexure strength of the veneering ceramics showed that allceramic veneering materials have similar strength values, but they are still lower than strength value for control group of metal-ceramic material. There must be effort to improve strength properties of the veneering ceramics for zirconium pointed towards increasing of the mechanical strength and thermal coefficients adjutancy

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