Flexible use of nuclear import pathways by HIV-1.

  title={Flexible use of nuclear import pathways by HIV-1.},
  author={K. Lee and Z. Ambrose and T. D. Martin and I. Oztop and Alok Mulky and J. G. Julias and N. Vandegraaff and J. G. Baumann and R. Wang and W. Yuen and T. Takemura and Kenneth Shelton and I. Taniuchi and Y. Li and J. Sodroski and D. Littman and J. Coffin and S. Hughes and D. Unutmaz and A. Engelman and V. Kewalramani},
  journal={Cell host & microbe},
  volume={7 3},
  • K. Lee, Z. Ambrose, +18 authors V. Kewalramani
  • Published 2010
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Cell host & microbe
  • HIV-1 replication requires transport of nascent viral DNA and associated virion proteins, the retroviral preintegration complex (PIC), into the nucleus. Too large for passive diffusion through nuclear pore complexes (NPCs), PICs use cellular nuclear transport mechanisms and nucleoporins (NUPs), the NPC components that permit selective nuclear-cytoplasmic exchange, but the details remain unclear. Here we identify a fragment of the cleavage and polyadenylation factor 6, CPSF6, as a potent… CONTINUE READING
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    HIV-1 Capsid-Cyclophilin Interactions Determine Nuclear Import Pathway, Integration Targeting and Replication Efficiency
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    HIV-1 nuclear import in macrophages is regulated by CPSF6-capsid interactions at the nuclear pore complex
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    Human Nucleoporins Promote HIV-1 Docking at the Nuclear Pore, Nuclear Import and Integration
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    Transportin 3 Promotes a Nuclear Maturation Step Required for Efficient HIV-1 Integration
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    MxB impedes the NUP358-mediated HIV-1 pre-integration complex nuclear import and viral replication cooperatively with CPSF6
    Examining the requirements for nucleoporins by HIV-1.
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    KIF5B and Nup358 Cooperatively Mediate the Nuclear Import of HIV-1 during Infection
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    Transportin-SR2 Imports HIV into the Nucleus
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    Two nuclear localization signals in the HIV-1 matrix protein regulate nuclear import of the HIV-1 pre-integration complex.
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    HIV-1 Genome Nuclear Import Is Mediated by a Central DNA Flap
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    tRNAs Promote Nuclear Import of HIV-1 Intracellular Reverse Transcription Complexes
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    A nuclear localization signal within HIV-1 matrix protein that governs infection of non-dividing cells
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    HIV-1 infection requires a functional integrase NLS.
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    A Hard Way to the Nucleus
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    The Vpr protein of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 influences nuclear localization of viral nucleic acids in nondividing host cells.
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