Flexible tethering of primase and DNA Pol α in the eukaryotic primosome

  title={Flexible tethering of primase and DNA Pol $\alpha$ in the eukaryotic primosome},
  author={Rafael N{\'u}nez-Ram{\'i}rez and Sebastian Klinge and Ludovic Sauguet and Roberto Melero and Mar{\'i}a Angeles Recuero-Checa and Mairi L. Kilkenny and Rajika L Perera and Bego{\~n}a Garcı́a-Alvarez and Richard J. Hall and Eva Nogales and Luca Pellegrini and Oscar Llorca},
  journal={Nucleic Acids Research},
  pages={4726 - 4726}
The Pol a/primase complex or primosome is the primase/polymerase complex that initiates nucleic acid synthesis during eukaryotic replication. Within the primosome, the primase synthesizes short RNA primers that undergo limited extension by Pol a. The resulting RNA–DNA primers are utilized by Pol d and Pol e for processive elongation on the lagging and leading strands, respectively. Despite its importance , the mechanism of RNA–DNA primer synthesis remains poorly understood. Here, we describe a… 
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Structural and biochemical basis for the high fidelity and processivity of DNA polymerase ε

DNA polymerase epsilon (Pol e) is a multi-subunit B-family DNA polymerase that is involved in leading strand DNA replication in eukaryotes. DNA Pol e in yeast consists of four subunits, Pol2, Dpb2,

the Eukaryotic Replisome Tethers Primase to α of DNA Polymerase A Conserved Motif in the C-terminal Tail

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The Mini-Chromosome Maintenance (Mcm) Complexes Interact with DNA Polymerase α-Primase and Stimulate Its Ability to Synthesize RNA Primers

Findings indicate that a direct physical interaction between primase and Mcm proteins may facilitate priming reaction by the former protein, suggesting that efficient DNA synthesis through helicase-primase interactions may be conserved in eukaryotic chromosomes.



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It is found that women over 50 are more likely to have a family history of diabetes, especially if they are obese, than women under the age of 50.

The DNA Polymerase ʱ-Primase Complex: Multiple Functions and Interactions

The major role of the DNA polymerase _-primase complex (pol-prim) is in the initiation of DNA replication at chromosomal origins and in the discontinuous synthesis of Okazaki fragments on the lagging strand of the replication fork.

Calf thymus DNA polymerase alpha-primase: "communication" and primer-template movement between the two active sites.

Positive regulation of primase activity likely ensures a new primer is not synthesized until the previous one has been elongated by pol alpha, which is rapid compared to primer synthesis.

An Iron-Sulfur Cluster in the C-terminal Domain of the p58 Subunit of Human DNA Primase*

The discovery of an iron-sulfur cluster in DNA primase that contributes to enzymatic activity provides the first suggestion that the DNA replication machinery may have redox-sensitive activities.