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Flexible Parylene-based MEMS Inductor with Ni80Fe20 Magnetic Core for Magnetic Energy Coupling System

  title={Flexible Parylene-based MEMS Inductor with Ni80Fe20 Magnetic Core for Magnetic Energy Coupling System},
  author={Y. Zheng and Zhang Hai-xia and Xuming Sun and Xiuhan Li and Zhongliang Li},
  • Y. Zheng, Zhang Hai-xia, +2 authors Zhongliang Li
  • Published 2012
  • Materials Science
  • Integrated flexible parylene-based inductors were successfully designed, fabricated and analyzed. Using parylene as the substrate, the inductors have good flexibility and biocompatibility. With the Ni80 Fe 20 core, the inductance was enhanced by 235% maximally and the quality factor was also improved significantly. The square spiral inductor showed the inductance of 800nH at 55MHz. The coil coupling power transmission system based on these inductors was set up and tested. The minimum… CONTINUE READING
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