Flexible Ge-on-polyimide detectors

  title={Flexible Ge-on-polyimide detectors},
  author={Wei Shuo Ho and Y. Dai and Yu-heng Deng and Chung Huang Lin and Yung-Yi Chen and Chang-Hung Lee and Charlie Wusuo Liu},
A flexible Ge-on-polyimide photodetector is demonstrated. The single crystalline thin film of Ge was transferred on the polyimide by adhesive wafer bonding and smart-cut techniques. A simple tunneling metal-oxide-semiconductor structure is fabricated for the detector applications. Due to the transparency of the polyimide, the responsivity of the detector is sensitive to the environments. At −2 V, the photodetector on the stainless steel has responsivities of 220, 200, and 140 mA/W at wavelength… CONTINUE READING

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