FlexFS: A Flexible Flash File System for MLC NAND Flash Memory

  title={FlexFS: A Flexible Flash File System for MLC NAND Flash Memory},
  author={Sungjin Lee and Keonsoo Ha and Kangwon Zhang and Jihong Kim and Junghwan Kim},
  booktitle={USENIX Annual Technical Conference},
The multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash memory technology enables multiple bits of information to be stored on a single cell, thus making it possible to increase the density of the memory without increasing the die size. For most MLC flash memories, each cell can be programmed as a single-level cell or a multi-level cell during runtime. Therefore, it has a potential to achieve both the high performance of SLC flash memory and the high capacity of MLC flash memory. In this paper, we present a… CONTINUE READING
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