Flavor hierarchy from F-theory

  title={Flavor hierarchy from F-theory},
  author={Jonathan J. Heckman and Cumrun Vafa},
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The point of E8 in F-theory GUTs
We show that in F-theory GUTs, a natural explanation of flavor hierarchies in the quark and lepton sector requires a single point of E8 enhancement in the internal geometry, from which all Yukawa
Yukawa hierarchies at the point of E8 in F-theory
A bstractWe analyse the structure of Yukawa couplings in local SU(5) F-theory models with E8 enhancement. In this setting the E8 symmetry is broken down to SU(5) by a 7-brane configuration described
Compact F-theory GUTs with U(1)PQ
We construct semi-local and global realizations of SU(5) GUTs in F-theory that utilize a U(1)PQ symmetry to protect against dimension four proton decay. Symmetries of this type, which assign charges
Unification, KK-thresholds and the top Yukawa coupling in F-theory GUTs
In a class of F-theory SU(5) GUTs the low energy chiral mass spectrum is obtained from rank one fermion mass textures with a hierarchical structure organized by U(1) symmetries embedded in the
Yukawa Structure from U(1) Fluxes in F-theory Grand Unification
In F-theory GUT constructions Yukawa couplings necessarily take place at the intersection of three matter curves. For generic geometric configurations this gives rise to problematic Yukawa couplings
The conformal sector of F-theory GUTs
D3-brane probes of exceptional Yukawa points in F-theory GUTs are natural hidden sectors for particle phenomenology. We find that coupling the probe to the MSSM yields a new class of $ \mathcal{N} =
Fitting fermion masses and mixings in F-theory GUTs
A bstractWe analyse the structure of Yukawa couplings in local SU(5) F-theory models with E7 enhancement. These models are the minimal setting in which the whole flavour structure for the MSSM
Family symmetries in F-theory GUTs
Monodromies, Fluxes, and Compact Three-Generation F-theory GUTs
We analyze constraints for embedding local SU(5) F-theory GUTs into consistent compactifications and construct explicit three-generation models based on the geometry of [1]. The key tool for studying
Flavor structure in F-theory compactifications
F-theory is one of frameworks in string theory where supersymmetric grand unification is accommodated, and all the Yukawa couplings and Majorana masses of righthanded neutrinos are generated. Yukawa


Wave functions and Yukawa couplings in local string compactifications
We consider local models of magnetised D7 branes in IIB string compactifications, focussing on cases where an explicit metric can be written for the local 4-cycle. The presence of an explicit metric
Review of Particle Physics.
Matter from geometry