Flavor-dependent U(3) Nambu Jona Lasinio coupling constant

  title={Flavor-dependent U(3) Nambu Jona Lasinio coupling constant},
  author={F. Braghin},
A non-perturbative one gluon exchange quark-antiquark interaction is considered to compute flavor dependent U(3) Nambu-Jona-Lasinio (NJL)-type interaction of the form $G_{ij, \Gamma} (\bar{\psi} \lambda_i \Gamma \psi ) ( \bar{\psi} \lambda_j \Gamma \psi)$ for $i,j=0...8$ and $\Gamma=I, i \gamma_5$ from one loop polarization process with non degenerate u-d-s quark effective masses. The resulting NJL-type coupling constants in all channels are resolved in the long-wavelength limit and numerical… Expand