Flavor Fade in Peanuts During Short‐term Storage

  title={Flavor Fade in Peanuts During Short‐term Storage},
  author={J. E. Williams and Susan E. Duncan and Robert C. Williams and Kumar Mallikarjunan and William N. Eigel and Sean F O'Keefe},
: Flavor characteristics of roasted peanuts over short-term storage were explored through sensory and chemical analyses. The volatiles from freshly roasted peanuts were evaluated over short-time (21 d) storage using gas chromatography, chemosensory techniques, and a sensory panel to quantify and identify pyrazines and hexanal over a 21-d storage period. A significant decrease (P 0.05) was noted in the 2-methylpyrazine and 2-ethylpyrazine concentrations. The hexanal concentration significantly… CONTINUE READING