Flavoprotein miniSOG as a genetically encoded photosensitizer for cancer cells.

  title={Flavoprotein miniSOG as a genetically encoded photosensitizer for cancer cells.},
  author={Alina P. Ryumina and Ekaterina O Serebrovskaya and Marina V. Shirmanova and Ludmila B. Snopova and Maria M. Kuznetsova and Ilya V Turchin and Nadezhda I. Ignatova and Natalia V Klementieva and Arkady F. Fradkov and Boris E. Shakhov and Elena V Zagaynova and Konstantin A. Lukyanov and Sergey A. Lukyanov},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1830 11},
BACKGROUND Genetically encoded photosensitizers are a promising optogenetic instrument for light-induced production of reactive oxygen species in desired locations within cells in vitro or whole body in vivo. Only two such photosensitizers are currently known, GFP-like protein KillerRed and FMN-binding protein miniSOG. In this work we studied phototoxic effects of miniSOG in cancer cells. METHODS HeLa Kyoto cell lines stably expressing miniSOG in different localizations, namely, plasma… CONTINUE READING
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