Flavonoids of some species of Salvia


We have invest igated the flavonoid composi t ion of th ree spec ies of sage: Salvia s e r avschan ica Regel et Schmalh. , S_ kopetda~hensis Kudr. , and S_. dese r t a Schang. F r o m these spec ies we have isolated nine subs tances of flavonoid nature . The aglycones apigenin (I)(S__. kopetdaghensis) and luteolin (II) (S. s e r a v s c h anica and S. kopetdaghensis) were identified f r o m their UV and NMR s p e c t r a and by compar i son with authentic s amples . The other seven subs tances consis ted of flavone glycosides .

DOI: 10.1007/BF00567884

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@article{Smirnova2004FlavonoidsOS, title={Flavonoids of some species of Salvia}, author={Ludmila P. Smirnova and V. I. Glyzin and A. V. Patudin and A. I. Ban'kovskii}, journal={Chemistry of Natural Compounds}, year={2004}, volume={10}, pages={687-688} }