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Flavonoids of golden saxifrage ( Chrysosplenium alternifolium L . ) — isolation , structure elucidation and analytical aspects

  title={Flavonoids of golden saxifrage ( Chrysosplenium alternifolium L . ) — isolation , structure elucidation and analytical aspects},
  author={M. Olszewska and J. Gudej},
The plant genus Chrysosplenium (Turn.) L. of the family Saxifragaceae comprises about 60 species of semi-aquatic perennial herbs that are natives of the north temperate zone. Chrysosplenium alternifolium L. (alternate-leaved golden saxifrage) is one of three Chrysosplenium species most commonly occuring in European and Polish flora (Tutin et al., 1964). The herb of C. alternifolium is used in traditional European and oriental medicines for symptomatic treatment of digestive disorders related to… Expand

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