Flavonoids from Alphitonia neocaledonica.

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Triterpenoid saponins and other glycosides from the stems and bark of Jaffrea xerocarpa and their biological activity.
The aqueous methanol extract showed antioxidant activity (DPPH assay) due to the presence of rutin and other phenolic compounds, and three lupane triterpenes showed good cytotoxic activities against KB cells line (IC50 from 7.7 to 8.5 μM). Expand
Triterpenoids from the leaves of Alphitonia xerocarpus Baill and their biological activity.
Ten previously undescribed triterpenoid saponins and a previously Undescribed norlupane triter penoid were isolated from the leaves of Alphitonia xerocarpus (Rhamnaceae), an endemic tree of New Caledonia, and tested for their antioxidant, antityrosinase, antibacterial and cytotoxic activity. Expand
Isolation of flavonoids and triterpenoids from the fruits of Alphitonia neocaledonica and evaluation of their anti-oxidant, anti-tyrosinase and cytotoxic activities.
The hydromethanolic extract of A. neocaledonica fruits possesses a potential cytotoxic activity due to the presence of triterpenes, and it can also be valuable as a cosmetic ingredient for its anti-oxidant and anti-tyrosinase activities. Expand