Flavonoids and tannins: plant-based antioxidants with vitamin character.

  title={Flavonoids and tannins: plant-based antioxidants with vitamin character.},
  author={A Gonzales H{\"a}ssig and Wu Xian Liang and Hubert G. Schwabl and K Stampfli},
  journal={Medical hypotheses},
  volume={52 5},
Persistent activation of the neuroendocrine stress axis is the major cause of a continuous catabolic alteration of the metabolism. This often causes an oxidative stress situation with increased release of O2 and NO radicals and pro-inflammatory cytokines. For the correction of these metabolic states, an adequate supply of plant-based antioxidants, especially flavonoids and tannins, is indicated. These are plant-based polyphenols which, like vitamins cannot be synthesized by the animal organism… CONTINUE READING


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