Flavonoid effects on transport, metabolism and action of thyroid hormones.

  title={Flavonoid effects on transport, metabolism and action of thyroid hormones.},
  author={Josef Koehrle and M Spanka and Klaus Irmscher and Rolf D. Hesch},
  journal={Progress in clinical and biological research},
Flavonoids are potent non-toxic ITH deiodinase inhibitors in microsomal membranes, and intact rat hepatocytes. Flavonoids are specific high affinity competitors for L-T4-binding to human TBPA, weaker antagonists in the rT3-5'deiodinase reaction, and very poor inhibitors of T3 binding to the nuclear T3 receptor. Optimized flavonoid antagonists exhibit an ITH bio-isosteric structure and conformation. The T4-binding site of hTBPA is a useful "receptor model" for type I deiodinase in computer aided… CONTINUE READING
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