Flavocytochrome b2: reactivity of its flavin with molecular oxygen.

  title={Flavocytochrome b2: reactivity of its flavin with molecular oxygen.},
  author={Atigh Ould Boubacar and St{\'e}phanie P{\`e}the and Jean-Pierre Mahy and Florence Lederer},
  volume={46 45},
Flavocytochrome b2, a flavohemoprotein, catalyzes the oxidation of lactate at the expense of the physiological acceptor cytochrome c in the yeast mitochondrial intermembrane space. The mechanism of electron transfer from the substrate to monoelectronic acceptors via FMN and heme b2 has been intensively studied over the years. Each prosthetic group is bound to a separate domain, N-terminal for the heme, C-terminal for the flavin. Each domain belongs to a distinct evolutionary family. In… CONTINUE READING