Flaviviruses are sensitive to inhibition of thymidine synthesis pathways.


Dengue virus has emerged as a global health threat to over one-third of humankind. As a positive-strand RNA virus, dengue virus relies on the host cell metabolism for its translation, replication, and egress. Therefore, a better understanding of the host cell metabolic pathways required for dengue virus infection offers the opportunity to develop new… (More)
DOI: 10.1128/JVI.00101-13


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@article{Fischer2013FlavivirusesAS, title={Flaviviruses are sensitive to inhibition of thymidine synthesis pathways.}, author={Matthew A Fischer and Jessica Smith and David Shum and David Stein and Christopher Parkins and Bhavneet Bhinder and Constantin Radu and Alec J. Hirsch and Hakim Djaballah and Jay Ann Nelson and Klaus Fr{\"u}h}, journal={Journal of virology}, year={2013}, volume={87 17}, pages={9411-9} }