Flavivirus Encephalitis: Immunopathogenesis of Disease and Immunomodulation

  title={Flavivirus Encephalitis: Immunopathogenesis of Disease and Immunomodulation},
  author={Caryn van Vreden and Paula Niewold and Luan vu Dinh and Luis Enrique Munoz-Erazo and Daniel R. Getts and Nicholas J C King},
Neurotropic flaviviruses are transmitted by arthropod vectors largely in an enzootic cycle that frequently involves humans incidentally. They are perhaps the most widespread of all viruses and continue to pose a threat, with increasing global warming, air travel and the extension of their insect vector habitat due to expanding human activity. Infection by these viruses is associated with a significant immunopathological response in a minority of individuals who, if they survive, may endure… CONTINUE READING