author={Plebeian Emperor},
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‘Ceteris in rebus statim ab initio principatus usque ad exitum civilis et clemens, mediocritatem pristinam neque dissimulavit umquam ac frequenter etiam prae se tulit. quin et conantis quosdam originem Flavii generis ad conditores Reatinos comitemque Herculis … referre irrisit ultro’ (Suet. Div. Vesp. 12). Vespasian came of peasant stock; he succeeded to a position which had been occupied by men of the noblest birth. For the Julio Claudians no proofs need be produced; of their successors Galba… 
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Political Power and Victory Coins in the Visual Propaganda of the Principatus Period

Coins, which were part of daily life in Principate like during the Republic as they were used by common people in transactions or the state to pay the salaries of soldiers, were also one of the most