Flavanols: digestion, absorption and bioactivity

  title={Flavanols: digestion, absorption and bioactivity},
  author={Robert M. Hackman and John A. Polagruto and Qin Yan Zhu and Buxiang Sun and Hajime Fujii and Carl L. Keen},
  journal={Phytochemistry Reviews},
Flavanols, or flavan-3-ols, are a family of bioactive compounds present in cocoa, red wine, green tea, red grapes, berries and apples. With a basic monomer unit of (−)-epicatechin or (+)-catechin, flavanols can be present in foods and beverages as monomers or oligomers (procyanidins). Most, but not all, procyanidins are degraded into monomer or dimer units prior to absorption. The bioavailability of flavanols can be influenced by multiple factors, including food processing, cooking, digestion… CONTINUE READING