Flattening of CR singular points and analyticity of the local hull of holomorphy I

  title={Flattening of CR singular points and analyticity of the local hull of holomorphy I},
  author={Xiaojun Huang and Wanke Yin},
  journal={Mathematische Annalen},
This is the first article of the two papers in which we investigate the holomorphic and formal flattening problem for a codimension two real submanifold in $${\mathbb C}^n$$Cn with $$n\ge 3$$n≥3 near a non-degenerate CR singular point. The problem is motivated from the study of the complex Plateau problem that seeks for the Levi-flat hypersurface bounded by a given real submanifold and is motivated by the classical complex analysis problem of finding the local hull of holomorphy of a real… 
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