Flatland: a Romance of Many Dimensions

  title={Flatland: a Romance of Many Dimensions},
  author={Robert Tucker},
WE live in an age of adventure. Men are ready to join in expeditions to the North Pole or to the interior of the African continent, yet we will venture to say that the work before us describes a vast plain as yet untrodden by any Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and teeming with a population of which no example has figured in any of our shows. A few years ago a distinguished mathematician published some speculations on the existence of a book-worm “cabin'd, cribb'd, confin'd” within… Expand
Escape from flatland
  • B. Walsh
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of evolutionary biology
  • 2007
In 1884, midway in time between the widespread acceptance of Darwin’s theory of natural selection and the rediscovery of Mendel, the English clergyman Edwin Abbott Abbott published his classic Flatland, suggesting the inherent distortions and ambiguities when viewing a geometrical object from a lower-dimensional perspective. Expand
A Journey of Many Dimensions: Reflections on Change and Possibility
In the late 19th century (1884 to be exact), A. Square lived and worked in Flatland and would write about his life. Because A. Square lived in a fictional two-dimensional world, the book was writtenExpand
The Hypercubical Dance - a solution to Abbott’s problem in Flatland ?
Abbott’s Flatland (1884) [1] is the story of the encounter between a two-dimensional creature, a Square, and a visitor from space, a Sphere. The Sphere tries to convince the Square of the reality ofExpand
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T he nature of the relationship between mathematics and the physical world has been a source of debate since the era of the Pythagoreans. A school of thought, reflecting the ideas of Plato, is thatExpand
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Leslie’s title samples from that of Edwin Abbott Abbott’s satirical fantasy from the 1880s, Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions (1952). This headmaster’s adventure ‘begins in a two-dimensionalExpand
Either a harmony of religion and mathematics is proposed (“Vedic mathematics” might fit in this category, even if it is not particularly Vedic), or authors talk of how the religious views of individual mathematicians impacted which work they pursued. Expand
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Let us then understand at once that change or variety is as much a necessity to the human heart and brain in buildings as in books; that there is no merit, though there is some occasional use, inExpand