Flashing characters with famous faces improves ERP-based brain-computer interface performance.

  title={Flashing characters with famous faces improves ERP-based brain-computer interface performance.},
  author={Tobias Kaufmann and Stefan M. Schulz and C Gr{\"u}nzinger and Andrea K{\"u}bler},
  journal={Journal of neural engineering},
  volume={8 5},
Currently, the event-related potential (ERP)-based spelling device, often referred to as P300-Speller, is the most commonly used brain-computer interface (BCI) for enhancing communication of patients with impaired speech or motor function. Among numerous improvements, a most central feature has received little attention, namely optimizing the stimulus used for eliciting ERPs. Therefore we compared P300-Speller performance with the standard stimulus (flashing characters) against performance with… CONTINUE READING
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