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Flare: Optimizing Apache Spark with Native Compilation for Scale-Up Architectures and Medium-Size Data

  title={Flare: Optimizing Apache Spark with Native Compilation for Scale-Up Architectures and Medium-Size Data},
  author={Gr{\'e}gory M. Essertel and Ruby Y. Tahboub and James M. Decker and K. Brown and K. Olukotun and Tiark Rompf},
  • Grégory M. Essertel, Ruby Y. Tahboub, +3 authors Tiark Rompf
  • Published in OSDI 2018
  • Computer Science
  • In recent years, Apache Spark has become the de facto standard for big data processing. Spark has enabled a wide audience of users to process petabyte-scale workloads due to its flexibility and ease of use: users are able to mix SQL-style relational queries with Scala or Python code, and have the resultant programs distributed across an entire cluster, all without having to work with low-level parallelization or network primitives. However, many workloads of practical importance are not… CONTINUE READING
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