Flames over the Somme: A Retort to William Philpott

  title={Flames over the Somme: A Retort to William Philpott},
  author={Elizabeth M. Greenhalgh},
  journal={War in History},
  pages={335 - 342}
This response to William Philpott’s ‘Why the British Were Really on the Somme’ (War in History xi, 4) underlines Philpott’s failure to take adequate account of French sources, dismisses his long defence of Kitchener as beside the point and views his ‘strategic paradox’ as no more convincing for its reiteration. His ‘seven types of success’, offered as an alternative to my judgement that the 1916 battle of the Somme was a failure, are demonstrated to be fragile, nugatory and unsubstantiated. The… Expand
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David French writes that the German naval staff saw the peace note as a 'step towards securing a victor's peace': D. French, The Strategy of the Lloyd George Coalition
  • Of cial Statement of War Aims and Peace Proposals