Flame retardants in the atmosphere near the Great Lakes.

  title={Flame retardants in the atmosphere near the Great Lakes.},
  author={Marta Venier and Ronald A Hites},
  journal={Environmental science & technology},
  volume={42 13},
As part of the Integrated Atmospheric Deposition Network (IADN), air samples were collected at five sites around the Great Lakes (two urban, two rural, and one remote) every 12 days during 2005-2006, and the concentrations of polybrominated diphenylethers (PBDEs), 1,2-bis(2,4,6-tribromophenoxy)-ethane (TBE), Dechlorane Plus (DP), and decabromodiphenyl ethane (DBD PE) were measured. The highest mean concentrations of total PBDEs were found at the urban sites in Chicago and Cleveland (65 +/- 4… CONTINUE READING
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