Flame-Retardant Mechanism of Silica : Effects of Resin Molecular Weight

  title={Flame-Retardant Mechanism of Silica : Effects of Resin Molecular Weight},
  author={Takashi Kashiwagi and John R. Shields and Richard Harris and Rick D. Davis},
The effects of resin molecular weight on the flame-retardant mechanism of silica were studied with two different molecular weights of poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA), 122,000 and 996,000 g/mol, and two silicas, fused silica with a small surface area and silica gel with a large surface area. A total of six different samples were studied, with a mass fraction of 10% silica. The mass loss rate of the six samples in nitrogen and the heat release rate from burning in air were measured at an… CONTINUE READING