Flame Acceleration of Premixed Natural Gas/Air Explosion in Closed Pipe

  • H . Mat Kiah, Rafiziana M . Kasmani, Norazana Ibrahim, Roshafima R . Ali
  • Published 2013


An experimental study has been done to investigate the flame acceleration in a closed pipe. A horizontal steel pipe, 2m long and 0.1m in diameter (L/D of 20), was used in this work. For tests with 90 degree bends, the bend had a radius of 0.1m and thus, the pipe was lengthened 1m (based on the centreline length of the segment). Ignition was affected at one end of the vessel while the other end was closed. Only stoichiometric concentration (Ф, = 1.0) of natural gas/air mixtures will be reported in this paper. It was demonstrated that bend pipe configuration gave three times higher in maximum overpressure (5.5 bars) compared to straight pipe (2.0 bars). From the results, the highest flame speed, of 63ms, was observed in a gas explosion with bent pipe; greater by a factor of ~3 as compared with straight pipe (23ms). This occurs because bending acts similar to an obstacle, in which this mechanism can induce more turbulence, initiating combustion in an unburned pocket at the corner region and causing a high mass burning rate, which increases the flame speed. Keywords—Bending, gas explosion, bending, flame acceleration, overpressure.

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