Flagellar motility is required for the viability of the bloodstream trypanosome

  title={Flagellar motility is required for the viability of the bloodstream trypanosome},
  author={Richard Broadhead and Helen R. Dawe and Helen Farr and Samantha J Griffiths and Sarah R. Hart and Neil Portman and Michael Shaw and Michael L. Ginger and Simon J. Gaskell and Paul G McKean and Keith Gull},
The 9 + 2 microtubule axoneme of flagella and cilia represents one of the most iconic structures built by eukaryotic cells and organisms. Both unity and diversity are present among cilia and flagella on the evolutionary as well as the developmental scale. Some cilia are motile, whereas others function as sensory organelles and can variously possess 9 + 2 and 9 + 0 axonemes and other associated structures. How such unity and diversity are reflected in molecular repertoires is unclear. The… CONTINUE READING
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