Flag-symmetric and locally rank-symmetric partially ordered sets

  title={Flag-symmetric and locally rank-symmetric partially ordered sets},
  author={Richard P. Stanley},
  journal={Electr. J. Comb.},
For every finite graded poset P with 0̂ and 1̂ we associate a certain formal power series FP (x) = FP (x1, x2, . . .) which encodes the flag f -vector (or flag h-vector) of P . A relative version FP/Γ is also defined, where Γ is a subcomplex of the order complex of P . We are interested in the situation where FP or FP/Γ is a symmetric function of x1, x2, . . .. When FP or FP/Γ is symmetric we consider its expansion in terms of various symmetric function bases, especially the Schur functions… CONTINUE READING


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