Fixing Gwen

  title={Fixing Gwen},
  author={Bernadette Barker-Plummer},
  journal={Feminist Media Studies},
  pages={710 - 724}
In this project I present a case study of (trans)gender mediation—a discourse analysis of news around the murder of Gwen Araujo, a “transgender teen,” in Newark, California, 2002–2006—and I read that discourse in the context of larger contemporary cultural dynamics and movements around trans and genderqueer politics. News narratives around the Araujo case had some progressive implications, as residual marginalization tropes for gender nonconforming identities were sidelined and a hate crime… 
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In this article, I discuss how transnormativity can be disrupted by not exaggerating the physical aspects of medical transition and by engaging in conversations around consequential sources of
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