Fixed-bed Column Study for Cu ( II ) Removal from Aqueous Solutions using Rice Husk based Activated Carbon

  title={Fixed-bed Column Study for Cu ( II ) Removal from Aqueous Solutions using Rice Husk based Activated Carbon},
  author={Nasehir Khan E M Yahaya and Ismail Abustan and Muhamad Faizal Pakir Mohamed Latiff and Olugbenga Solomon Bello and Mohd Azmier Ahmad},
118701-3434 IJET-IJENS © February 2011 IJENS I J E N S  Abstract-In this work, the adsorption potential of rice husk based activated carbon (RHAC) to remove Cu (II) from aqueous solution was investigated using fixed-bed adsorption column. The effects of inlet Cu (II) concentration (5-15 mg/l), feed flow rate (10-30 ml/min) and RHAC bed height (30-80 mm) on the breakthrough characteristics of the adsorption system were determined. The highest bed capacity of 34.56 mg/g was obtained using 10 mg… CONTINUE READING


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