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Fixed and Mixed Effects Models in Meta-Analysis

  title={Fixed and Mixed Effects Models in Meta-Analysis},
  author={Spyros Konstantopoulos},
  journal={IZA: General Labor Economics (Topic)},
The last three decades the accumulation of quantitative research evidence has led to the development of systematic methods for combining information across samples of related studies. Although a few methods have been described for accumulating research evidence over time, meta-analysis is widely considered as the most appropriate statistical method for combining evidence across studies. This study reviews fixed and mixed effects models for univariate and multivariate meta-analysis. In addition… Expand
A Comprehensive Meta-Analysis of Triple P-Positive Parenting Program Using Hierarchical Linear Modeling: Effectiveness and Moderating Variables
A meta-analysis encompassing all studies evaluating the impact of the Triple P-Positive Parenting Program on parent and child outcome measures indicated that Triple P causes positive changes in parenting skills, child problem behavior and parental well-being in the small to moderate range. Expand
Shame and self-esteem: A meta-analysis
Scholars agree that shame has many effects related to psychological functioning declines, and one among others is the fluctuation of self-esteem. However, the association between shame andExpand
Valuing malaria morbidity: results from a global meta-analysis
It is found that revealed preferences are significantly lower than stated preferences; and that there is no significant difference in the willingness to pay for policies that prevent or treat malaria (post-morbidity); and two new results to the morbidity literature are added. Expand
Meta-analysis in the production chain of aquaculture: A review
Abstract Meta-analysis is a statistical analysis of the data obtained from multiple studies and provides a quantitative synthesis of research results. It can be a key tool for facilitating rapidExpand
The educational gradient in marital disruption: A meta-analysis of European research findings
The results suggest that women's empowerment has played an important role in changing the educational gradient, while the liberalization of divorce laws has not. Expand
Dialectical behavior therapy for borderline personality disorder: a meta-analysis using mixed-effects modeling.
A meta-analysis to examine the efficacy and long-term effectiveness of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) found a moderate global effect and a moderate effect size for suicidal and self-injurious behaviors were found. Expand
Meta-Analysis of Ownership Identity and Firm Performance Relations in Emerging Markets
We use meta-analytic methods to integrate the diverse empirical findings concerning relations between different types of ownership identity and different performance measures for listed corporationsExpand
Family ownership and financial performance relations in emerging markets
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The motherhood wage penalty: A meta-analysis.
The existing empirical evidence on the motherhood wage gap is summarized using meta-analysis and test for several mechanisms which can be responsible for the persistence of the wage gap. Expand
Unemployment Benefit Exhaustion
Purpose: This systematic review studied the impact of exhaustion of unemployment benefits on the exit rate out of unemployment and into employment prior to benefit exhaustion or shortly thereafter.Expand


The power of statistical tests in meta-analysis.
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Meta-analysis in clinical trials.
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Fixed- and random-effects models in meta-analysis.
There are 2 families of statistical procedures in meta-analysis: fixed- and randomeffects procedures. They were developed for somewhat different inference goals: making inferences about the effectExpand
Multiple-outcome meta-analysis of clinical trials.
A variant of Raudenbush et al.'s GLS approach, discussed here, can incorporate correlations among the outcomes within treatment groups and thus provide more accurate estimates and facilitates adjustment for covariates. Expand
How meta-analysis increases statistical power.
This article demonstrates that fixed-effects meta-analysis increases statistical power by reducing the standard error of the weighted average effect size (T.) and, in so doing, shrinks the confidence interval around T. Expand
Practical Meta-Analysis
This paper presents a meta-analysis procedure called “Meta-Analysis Interpretation for Meta-Analysis Selecting, Computing and Coding the Effect Size Statistic and its applications to Data Management Analysis Issues and Strategies. Expand
Hierarchical Linear Models for Multivariate Outcomes
In this article, we develop a class of two-stage models to accommodate three common characteristics of behavioral data. First, behavior is invariably multivariate in its conceptualization andExpand
The Handbook of Research Synthesis
Meta- analysis, as the statistical analysis of a large collection of results from individual studies is called, has now achieved a status of respectability in medicine. Expand
A random effects model for effect sizes
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Meta-analysis of psychotherapy outcome studies.
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