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Fixed Point Sets in Diagrammatically Reducible Complexes

  title={Fixed Point Sets in Diagrammatically Reducible Complexes},
  author={Shivam Arora and Eduardo Mart'inez-Pedroza},
Let H be a group acting on a simply-connected diagrammatically reducible combinatorial 2-complex X with fine 1skeleton. If the fixed point set X is non-empty, then it is contractible. Having fine 1-skeleton is a weaker version of being locally finite. 1. Diagrammatically reducible complexes The term diagrammatically reducible complex was introduced by Gersten [Ger87], but the notion appeared in earlier works of Chiswell, Collins and Huebschmann [CCH81] and Sieradski [Sie83]. This class of… Expand
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