[Fixation of the prolapse vagina to the sacrotuberal ligament].


OBJECTIVE To present personal experience in the fixation of the vaginal stump to the sacrotuberal ligament. METHOD Description of the surgery including modified surgical instruments. RESULTS 32 surgical procedures were performed during a 4-year period. Two relapses were recorded. DISCUSSION Various surgical procedures including abdominal approach to the fixation are mentioned, complications and prevention of relapses are discussed. CONCLUSION The method is appropriate for sexually active patients. It preserves the length, axis and volume of the vagina.

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@article{Matysek1999FixationOT, title={[Fixation of the prolapse vagina to the sacrotuberal ligament].}, author={Paul F. Matysek and Z Mal{\'y} and P Matonoha}, journal={Ceska gynekologie}, year={1999}, volume={64 6}, pages={388-90} }