Fixation of Ilyanassa snail embryos and larvae.

  title={Fixation of Ilyanassa snail embryos and larvae.},
  author={M. Gharbiah and J. Cooley and E. Leise and A. Nakamoto and J. S. Rabinowitz and J. D. Lambert and L. Nagy},
  journal={Cold Spring Harbor protocols},
  volume={2009 4},
The marine gastropod Ilyanassa obsoleta is a long-standing and very useful model for studies of embryonic development. It is an especially important model for spiralian development, and for studies of asymmetric cell division. The embryos are amenable to classic embryological manipulation techniques, as well as a growing number of molecular approaches. Ilyanassa is also an important model for studies of metamorphosis, the ecology of parasitism, the effects of environmental contaminants on… Expand
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The snail Ilyanassa: a reemerging model for studies in development.
A serpin is required for ectomesoderm, a hallmark of spiralian development.