Five years' experience with intrauterine transfusion.


Five years' experience with intrauterine transfusion involving 94 transfusions on 50 fetuses forms the basis of the paper. Twenty-three fetuses survived, which represents an overall salvage of 46%. Of 22 fetuses who received intrauterine transfusions before 28 weeks' gestation, seven (31.9%) survived, which justifies the attempt. Of 28 fetuses who received intrauterine transfusions after 28 weeks' gestation, 16 (57.1%) survived, which compares favourably with other series. A comparison of two different procedural techniques shows no statistically significant difference in ultimate results. Indications for amniocentesis are outlined and intrauterine transfusion was advised if the optical density difference fell in Liley's zone III (or a very high zone II) and rose at a rate which anticipated a zone III reading prior to 32 weeks' gestation. A pediatric assessment and therapeutic management of the 33 live births are presented. Twenty-eight babies received exchange transfusions. Five were excluded for reasons outlined in the text. Ten of the live-born died neonatally. The 23 survivors continue to thrive mentally and physically and follow-up continues.

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