Five years after: a follow-up of 50 narcotic addicts.

  title={Five years after: a follow-up of 50 narcotic addicts.},
  author={Benjamin S. Levy},
  journal={The American journal of psychiatry},
  volume={128 7},
  • Benjamin S. Levy
  • Published in
    The American journal of…
  • Medicine
  • To document the long-term course of narcotic addicts, background and five-year follow-up data were obtained from records and interviews for 50 addicts who had first contact with a new treatment program in 1965. In mid-1970, 20 were either abstinent or were using drugs only occasionally. During the follow-up period these individuals spent less time in prison than the other 24 survivors and had more contact with treatment programs. The subjects' comments raise issues for further investigation. 

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