Five techniques for improving outcomes of hyperopic LASIK.

  title={Five techniques for improving outcomes of hyperopic LASIK.},
  author={R. S. d. Zald{\'i}var and Susana Oscherow and Harkaran S. Bains},
  journal={Journal of refractive surgery},
  volume={21 5 Suppl},
PURPOSE To determine whether five changes to our hyperopic LASIK protocol produced better outcomes. METHODS Five changes, both technical and surgical, were instituted for the treatment of hyperopia. These five changes were nomogram refinements accounting for accommodation, use of a 7.0-mm optical zone and a 9.5-mm transition zone, a targeted mean flap diameter of 10.5 mm, sequential interruption of the laser ablation, and cleaning of the interface. The study comprised 43 eyes undergoing LASIK… CONTINUE READING


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