Five new species of Zercon C. L. Koch, 1836 (Acari: Zerconidae) from northwestern Turkey.

  title={Five new species of Zercon C. L. Koch, 1836 (Acari: Zerconidae) from northwestern Turkey.},
  author={Mehmet Karaca and Raşit Urhan},
  volume={4127 1},
Mites belonging to the genus Zercon collected from the Thrace region in Turkey are investigated. Five new species, Z. filiformis sp. nov., Z. geliboluensis sp. nov., Z. sklarsimilis sp. nov., Z. tekirdagensis sp. nov. and Z. thracicus sp. nov., are described and illustrated. Zercon similifoveolatus Ivan & Călugăr is newly recorded for the Turkish fauna. Female specimens of Z. sklari Balan are reported and descibed for the first time in Turkey. Some known zerconid mites are recorded from new… Expand
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Overall there were still more new species deposited in collections in developing counties than developed countries, and the top European collections hold type specimens mostly of foreign origin, whereas those of South America, Asia, Africa and Australasia hold type specimen mostly originating from their own countries. Expand