Five new species and three new females of the genus Endotricha Zeller from China (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae, Pyralinae)

  title={Five new species and three new females of the genus Endotricha Zeller from China (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae, Pyralinae)},
  author={Yongling Sun and Houhun Li},
  pages={29 - 42}
Abstract Five new species of the genus Endotricha Zeller are described from China: Endotricha dentiprocessa sp. n., Endotricha unicolor sp. n., Endotricha shafferi sp. n., Endotricha convexa sp. n. and Endotricha whalleyi sp. n. Females of three species are described for the first time: Endotricha hoenei Whalley, 1963, Endotricha luteogrisalis Hampson, 1896 and Endotricha simipunicea Wang & Li, 2005. Photographs of the adults and both male and female genitalia are provided. 
Taxonomic review of the superfamily Pyraloidea in Bhutan (Lepidoptera)
Abstract The result of an investigation of the lepidopteran fauna of Central and Southern Bhutan (Bumthang, Dagana, Trongsa, Tsirang, and Sarpang districts) is presented in this study. The


Taxonomic study of the genus Endotricha Zeller (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae, Pyralinae) from Korea
The Korean species of the genus Endotricha Zeller belonging to tribe endotrichini, sub- family Pyralinae, are reviewed, including one new species, EndotRicha parki sp.
One new species and two new species records of the genus Endotricha Zeller, 1847 from China (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)
Resumen en: Endotricha minutiptera Li, sp. n. is described from Hainan, China. Endotricha loricata Moore and E. ragonoti Christoph are reported for the first time in...
A taxonomic study on Endotricha Zeller (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae: Pyralinae) in China
A checklist of 30 species of Endotricha Zeller in China is presented and three species are new to science and three are recorded for the first time in China.
Review and preliminary phylogenetic analysis of the subfamilies of the Pyralidae (sensu stricto) (Lepidoptera: Pyraloidea)
The phylogenetic analysis supports a sister group relationship between the Phycitinae and Epipaschiinae, and a sibling group relationship of the Pyralinae to the phycitine + epipaschine clade.
Male genital homology based on musculature originating from the tegumen in snout moths (Lepidoptera: Pyraloidea).
Based on comparative morphology of sclerotized structures and musculature, the uncus, scaphium, gnathos, and subscaphium are defined and described for stabilization in future systematic studies and Muscle IX-X is lacking in Pyralinae (Pyralidae) and this condition is hypothesized to be derived independently and an autapomorphy for this subfamily.
The Fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma
WE congratulate the editor and author on the appearance of another half-volume of this important work. The present instalment is devoted to the homopterous family Jassidæ, subfani. v. Jassinae
The Fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma
A large number of species which have recently come into his hands are described, but most of which have already been described in advance of the present work in the Annals and Magazine of Natural History, and thus he completes his work on the Indian Heteroptera.
The Gelechiidae of China (I) (Lepidoptera: Gelechioidea)
  • 2002