Five ideas in chemical education that must die

  title={Five ideas in chemical education that must die},
  author={Eric R. Scerri},
  journal={Foundations of Chemistry},
  • Eric R. Scerri
  • Published 3 January 2019
  • Education
  • Foundations of Chemistry
The article concerns five traditionally difficult issues that chemical educators encounter and how they should be resolved. In some cases I propose the examination of necessary and sufficient conditions in order to cast light on the relationships under discussion. The five educational issues are, the notion that a pH value of seven implies a neutral solution of water and vice versa, the use of Le Châtelier’s Principle, the relative occupation and ionization of 4s and 3d orbitals, the… 
Le Châtelier’s Principle a Language, Methodological and Ontological Obstacle: An Analysis of General Chemistry Textbooks
It is concluded that general chemistry textbooks’ lacks and misleading use and application of LCP may certainly affect proper student understanding of the concepts related to chemical equilibrium disturbances.
Recent attempts to change the periodic table
  • Eric R. Scerri
  • Education
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A
  • 2020
The notion of an ‘optimal’ periodic table is discussed in the context of recent work by philosophers of science who have examined the nature of classifications in general, as well as the notion of natural kinds.
An essay on periodic tables
Abstract After a compact history of the PT, from Döbereiner’s triads to the theoretical predictions up to element 172, a number of particular issues is discussed: Why may Z = 172 be a limit for
Divagations about the periodic table: Boolean hypercube and quantum similarity connections
The connection of the PT with the structure of a seven‐dimensional Boolean hypercube leads afterward to discuss the nature of those PT elements bearing prime atomic numbers, and the use of quantum similarity (QS) to obtain an alternative insight on the PT element relations is developed.
Stability and Antibacterial Property of Polyherbal Mouthwash Formulated Using Local Ingredients
The oral cavity is a home to more than 500 bacterial species. Although some of the oral bacteria are harmless, there are certain species that may cause oral plaques, bad breath , and mouth disease.
Ensaio sobre intencionalidade pedagógica e tradição: um tensionamento como princípio educativo
Proposto como uma reflexão, desenvolvida a partir da análise de fontes teóricas e da experiência em formação de professores, neste texto tenho por objetivo evidenciar o tensionamento necessário entre
An Essay on Periodic Tables
  • P. Pyykkö
  • Perspectives on the History of Chemistry
  • 2021
Changing How We Teach Acid-Base Chemistry
An inquiry teaching cycle promotes the transformation of a hands-on activity into an inquiry, and subsequently, an historical model is used to propose a sequence of activities based on the modeling cycle of Couso and Garrido-Espeja for lower secondary school.